Sunday, 7 April 2013

Blog post created in “Compose” mode

Here is a blog post created in "Compose" mode. "Compose" mode has multiple disadvantages, however  still, for people who do not want or have no possibility to craft their blog posts with beautiful rich-styled page templates offered along with other stuff in this package there is a full freedom to write posts in "Compose" mode. This post is an example of how it might look. Click "read more" button to view the styling of in-built Blogger elements.



Minor heading

Normal text for paragraphs

  1. Ordered list item 
  2. Ordered list second item
  3. Ordered list third item
  • Unordered list first item
  • Unordered list second item
  • Unordered list third item

This is a small image moved onto left side. Comes with subtle box shadow and white border. You may either upload images via Blogger tools or paste image source into corresponding input.
“This is a quote once upon a time there were three sisters who lived in dark wood. The sisters were very beautiful. One had blue eyes and black hair, another one had green eyes and red hair and the little one had black eyes and black hair.”

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